Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taking Care of a Baby's Hair

Taking care of your baby's hair is important. From cutting to styling, there is something beautiful about having a baby with great hair. You don't have to spend a lot of time to get good results.

Here are some tips on caring for your baby's hair, cutting your child's locks, and using styling products for children. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you spend an appropriate amount of time based on the event. You may only want to put a little effort into a play date or park hairstyle, but if you're attending a formal event or holiday dinner, spend a little extra time to get the do just right. You won't regret it; cameras will capture your baby's hairstyle forever, and Grandma's sure to show off the pics to all her friends. You don't want to have to explain years down the road why you didn't have time to make your daughter or son look extra cute for holidays or parties.


Many baby bath products double as body wash and shampoo. Even though you may not use a separate shampoo on your baby's hair, you may want to consider a light leave-in conditioner for the hair in the back that can be more coarse from keeping baby on the back to sleep.

While sleeping on the back is essential for baby safety's and to help prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), it's rough on a baby's hair. A light conditioner can be just the solution to keeping your infant's hairstyle soft and manageable.

Eventually that baby hair is going to grow out into big-kid hair, but until then you're going to have to make do with hair that's not as easy to work with. If your baby has fine hair you may want to skip the conditioner, which will make the hair even more silky, and stick with a great style or accessory to keep your child looking great.


As much as parents try to put off that momentous first haircut, there is nothing wrong with keeping your little one's bangs trimmed and the hair out of your baby's face. You don't have to do a great job or put layers in your child's hair, but you do have to practice serious scissor safety. Either have a professional cut your baby's hair or, if you do it yourself, buy safety scissors that don't have the sharp tips. That way if your baby does a quick head-turn you won't have an injury on your hands.

And that old wives' tale about cutting the hair before your baby turns one-year old causing bad luck? There's no basis in fact. If your baby's hair is in his or her eyes, cut it. It only takes a few minutes to trim baby bangs.

Hair Products for Babies

From pigtails to barrettes, there are tons of great ways to style your baby's hair. The problem is when you take baby out for a car ride, getting in and out of the car seat or stroller, and general bad weather conditions like rain and humidity can turn your work of art into a hot mess pretty quickly.

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