Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lionel Messi

First, to understand Messi, one must understand his background. Born in the industrial town of Rosario, Argentina, Messi was placed in a world where only a few escaped. Luckily though he had a talent, which was imbued with a strength of character that comes with living in a sometimes harsh developing country.

By the age of five he was dribbling a football with the poise and assurity of a fifteen year old, however one thing was amiss, his size. Diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency Messi was told that if he didn't get the proper medical attention he'd be lucky to reach five foot. Something had to be done.

With his father's aid young Lionel was able to secure a trial at FC Barcelona, Within five minutes of playing he had impressed the coaches present so much, he was almost instantly offered a contract on the spot. Furthermore they provided the medical treatment that Messi desperately needed.

Fast forward six years and ''Leo'' was now playing regularly in the first time alongside Ronaldinho, who he more often than not, upstaged with his willingness to take on the man and make darting runs behind the defense. His eye-catching runs drew comparisons to those of Diego Maradona's and people were questioning whether after a long line of heralded ''New Maradonas'', this one would be the real deal.

Lionel is now 21 and has already been voted the second best player in the world twice in row, missing out on the coveted top spot due to unfortunate injuries and team-mate incompetence. Nevertheless his reputation as the only player of the last 20 years possibly capable of surpassing Maradona and Pele remains firmly intact.

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