Friday, November 25, 2011

Did Kris Humphries Call Kim Kardashian Fat?

Let the games begin: It's been weeks since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, and now a blame game of sorts has been set in motion -- at least in regards to what "sources" have to say about the matter.

Kim K (Pacific Coast News)
The latest? Insiders, who are clearly on Team Kardashian, say the 26-year-old basketball star was the one who wasn't very nice to Kim. Apparently he called her a "fat ass," even! He belittled her in front of people," a source told Us magazine. "He'd call her stupid. It was truly sickening."

He was also reportedly controlling and didn't think much of the reality star's brain. "He tried to control Kim by bringing her down...He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn't last," an insider added.

Humphries also didn't want to spend much quality time with the Mrs, so they say. "He would tell her she was acting like too much of a wife and 'get over it'" whenever she wanted him to skip a night out on the town, someone close to the situation told the mag. Hmmm.

Now, what did Kim do wrong? Well, so far Team Humphries has been pretty quiet. They're probably gearing up right now, however.

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